Rotary cutters shaping

Such expensive parts as rotary cutters, or cutting rollers, are subject to significant wear while in operation. Rotorprom mastered the technology of reshaping the profile rotary cutters.


In addition to its own cutters, the company reshapes rotary cutters of other manufacturers. A reshaped rotary cutter has almost the same lifetime as a new one. The cost of rotary cutter reshaping does not usually exceed the cost of a new cutter by more than 30% to 50%.


It shall be noted that some cutters cannot be reshaped. If cutter edges are deeply sheared and if the diameter of a rotary cutter is insufficient, it may be impossible to reshape the cutter. The abovementioned defects can be easily detected. During any repeated reshaping of a rotary cutter its diameter will be reduced affecting the shape of a piece being cut (inner frame of a pack etc.). This must be taken into account before shaping.


The process flow of reshaping the cutting edges of profile cutters consists in the following:

  • reception of a rotary cutter from a customer,
  • preliminary inspection using an optical instrument,
  • grinding of the cutter,
  • inspection of the non-reshaped edge of the cutter after grinding,
  • programming for CNC,
  • reshaping,
  • finish adjustment,
  • final inspection of the profile cutters and packaging.

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