Embossing rollers

Rotorprom Ltd. produces and supplies embossing rollers for our customers who have packaging equipment (embossing heads) by: MolinsGD,FockeSasibAigerITM, Chinese, Swiss and other producers.


Our embossing rollers have following advantages:

  • steel to steel embossing system with positive structure of roller’s surfaces,
  • not critical for the quality of the foil (laminated foil, paper, metalized paper and other inner liners),
  • wide pitch (structure) range 0.15 to 0.5 mm,
  • very long lifetime,
  • short delivery time.

Embossing quality

Two-roller embossing system is enough to:

  • get complex visual effects
  • stamp and crease simultaneously, both on the foil and on paper

When use embossing rollers by our’s we recommend the customers to change three roller system to two roller system. Transferring of  high-artistic images has no limits.


Simple, compact and very reliable transport packaging ensures the integrity of any product.

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