Embossing rollers and sections

Rotorprom Ltd. produces and supplies rotary embossing / cutting heads (sections, units, stations).


Embossing rollers for aluminium foil, laminated foil, metalized paper, paper or plastic based composed materials, no-wovens, plastics, textile, artificials, wood, polimer composites, etc.

Our embossing rollers and sections have following advantages:

  • modern muscular press and control system,
  • reliable engineering solutions with minimum serviceable parts,
  • quick exchangeable embossing / cutting rollers (approximately 5 minutes) when change product design,
  • self aligning system with easy adjustment of their relative position,
  • very long lifetime,
  • competitive price,
  • standard dimencions – on stock,
  • short delivery time.


Simple, compact and very reliable transport packaging ensures the integrity of any product.

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