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Products encoding systems are used everywhere. Almost all products are encoded as follows: time of manufacture, date of manufacture, manufacturer name. There are various methods of coding packages; one of the most popular is mechanical method, so called “blind embossing”. The elements for mechanical coding are referred as the encoder, coding character, die, segment for blind printing and printing indicium. There is a wide variety of packaging equipment where such elements are to be installed and thus such elements can differ greatly. 


Rotorprom produces encoders of any type and size. They can be made of steel, aluminum, plastic, brass etc. 


Steel encoders are used for “cold” marking where the high performance is demanded i.e. when 800 or more presses per minute are required. All steel encoders are subject to thermochemical treatment in order to obtain the hardness of the surface up to 60 HRC or more.  


Brass encoders are usually used for relatively slow “hot” embossing of plastic. Brass is used because of its excellent heat-conducting properties. 


The range of our products includes special encoders with a curved surface. If while in operation the encoder moves reciprocally, then the surface of embossing elements must be flat, while in case of “sophisticated” movements, such as rotational and reciprocal, the surface of embossing elements must match the path of motion of surface points. Thus, to get the high-quality print for a long period of time, the surface must be curved and obey specific laws.


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