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From the beginning of it's foundation Rotorprom started to manufacture printing dies. In a few years we have obtained excellent results in this field due to the following: high quality, competitive price, short-term manufacture and delivery. To produce printing dies we use modern direct-drive equipment (minimum displacement increment is 0.1 μm) and as a result we issue very precise items ensuring the maximum performance. 


We want to pay special attention to the fact that the cost of printing dies is usually not determined by the degree of logo sophistication. They are calculated based on the quantity of monograms (printing points) located on a printing dies.


We believe that the most important benefit of our printing dies is the perfect adhesive bonding of the ink. During thermochemical treatment the micro-porosity occurs on the surface of a printing dies thus increasing the rate of penetration of the ink and, consequently, the rate (and quality) of ink transfer onto the surface of paper or plastic (for cable manufacturers). 


The standard period of printing dies manufacture is 2 weeks.

If we have blanks for your printing dies available, we can manufacture them for 48 hours!!! We usually have several blanks of different types in stock for our customers. 


Please feel free to contact us without hesitation for any queries.